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Past Projects / The Keystone State LNG Conversion Initiative

 Impact Overview

Number of Vehicles Converted:  20

Petroleum Displacement:  479,720 gal per year
Greenhouse Gas Reduction:   4,701 tons per year

   Project Partners

United Parcel Service

Project Description

The Keystone State LNG Conversion Initiative seeks to help UPS convert to LNG for long haul applications. Our project will utilize our centralized location near the convergence of 3 interstate highways to help construct UPS's 1st public LNG refueling site. Our project will consist of building a LNG site that will be anchored by a fleet of 20 Class 8 tractors. This project will help stimulate the use of LNG as an alternative to gasoline and diesel for long haul applications.
UPS currently has 4 LNG fueling facilities on the west coast located in Ontario CA, Phoenix AZ, Las Vegas NV, and Salt Lake City UT and operates approximately 112 LNG vehicles in that region. They are experienced in the usage and handling as well as management of facilities and operations. It is this experience that is needed in Pennsylvania to foster the growth and help educate others as to the benefits of utilizing LNG.
Our project will show better than normal air quality improvements by not only utilizing LNG but by retiring and replacing 20 old tractors that run exclusively of diesel fuel. The Keystone State LNG Conversion Initiative’s projected fuel displacement is 479,720 GGE per year. 
The approximate annual fuel savings using LNG will be $334,783.00 per year over the current diesel price. When we calculate this out over the minimum requirement of maintaining operations within the state of 6 years, the savings is $2,008,698.00

EP-ACT with its new name and territory is committed to helping our partners and other fleets succeed within our state. By funding this project we will be able to educate other fleets the advantages of LNG within long haul applications. The financial commitment alone from our partner is over $5,000,000.00 between the building of the refueling site and the purchase of 20 new Class 8 tractors. The funding of this proposal will have far reaching implications and benefits beyond the scope of this project to UPS, and the entire Commonwealth and regional trucking that travel through the Keystone state.


Sustaining Level Stakeholders

AQUA America  Clean Citiesdvrpc  Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce 
PECOPA DEP    UPS Zarwin Baum


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