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Past Projects / The Tinicum Township Propane Vehicle Conversion Initiative

 Impact Overview

Number of Vehicles Converted:  34

Petroleum Displacement:  188,040 gal per year
Geenhouse Gas Reduction:   645 tons per year

   Project Partners

Tinicum Township (Delaware County) Park & Jet Colonial Airport Parking

Current Progress

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Project Description

The Tinicum Township Propane Vehicle Conversion Initiative seeks to convert 3 separate fleets in Tinicum Township from gasoline to propane fuel. The aggregation of these companies together will convert 34 vehicles ranging from Ford Crown Victoria Police Cruisers to dedicated E-450 shuttle buses. 
In addition to the vehicle’s being converted our project will have a limited access publicly available propane filling station open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 day a year. Fleets will be able to fuel here once they get on the approved fleets list by the host site company Park & Jet. The re-fueling facility is located at 76 industrial Highway, Essington, PA 19029 on Park & Jet property. The station will host an 18,000 gallon storage tank with a double hosed dispenser. This refueling station can be accessed with a fleet card or a credit card and the station will be secured behind a fence. This station will have enough storage to supply all of the vehicles in this application plus many others for future expansion.

One of the projects many benefits to Tinicum and surrounding areas is the petroleum reduction aspect. The total volume of petroleum being displaced is 188,040 gallons per year with all project partners combined, when put out for the required 4 years of service the total reduction goes over three quarters of a million gallons of gasoline displaced.  Our project will reduce Green House Gas emissions by 645 tons per year, equating to 2580 tons of GHG’s reduced for the 4 years required by the project.

The most important piece for the 3 partners of this application is the Return On Investment (ROI). In every case the project becomes financially viable in less than 3 years (assumptions noted). The lower cost of the conversions and the amount of fuel used by the Tinicum Township Police Department will demonstrate a ROI in year 3. All of the Crown Victoria’s and F-250 have EPA certifications, the Ford Explorer SUV’s propane kit is currently being EPA certified. These conversions and certifications are held by Alliance Autogas and can be expected by the end of 2014.

Converting to an alternative fuel is an expensive initial investment. Our project partners will invest over $1.5 million in new vehicle purchases over the next two years and our station builder will commit to building the re-fueling station at a cost of $327,000.00 bringing the total value of this project close to $2 million dollars.

The Tinicum Township Propane Vehicle Conversion Initiative is a unique project and the first of its kind in Southeastern PA. The prominence that this project will demonstrate to many people that travel through Philadelphia International Airport, the viability and functionality of using domestically produced Autogas as a vehicle fuel will leave many observers’ impressions. This project will go far beyond the shuttles and police units within Tinicum Township. The impressions left will be significant, the vehicles in this application travel over 1 million miles per year collectively, and transport more than 150,000 people annually. These vehicles are highly visible and will be marketed to the public as “running on propane Autogas” with vehicle wraps. The promotion of this project will be eminent and will be the catalyst towards helping other fleets in the area switch to propane as a desirable, reliable vehicle fuel.


Sustaining Level Stakeholders

AQUA America  Clean Citiesdvrpc  Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce 
PECOPA DEP    UPS Zarwin Baum


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